“By land and by sea, by bicycle and indigenous canoe, people will gather near the Tesoro and Shell refineries, the largest unaddressed point source of carbon pollution in the Pacific Northwest.” KDM — It’s time to break free from fossil fuels.

Break Free PNW Weekend Recap

Live Stream



Anacortes, WA
Break Free PNW: Blockade
It's In Our Hands – Indigenous Day of Action
Break Free PNW: Kayaktivists





We’re calling for a Just Transition!

Extractive economies treat workers as disposable and communities as sacrifice zones. As we move to a 100% renewable energy future we have a duty to build a more just society.  A just transition provides real economic alternatives to communities dependent on dirty infrastructure, protects workers’ job security as fossil fuel use declines, and balances the injustice of the climate crisis by supporting the communities most impacted by fossil fuels here and around the world.


Out of time on Planet Earth

By Patrick Mazza We are out of time on Planet Earth. In the three months since the Paris climate summit declared a 1.5° C global warming target to hold climate disruption dangers in check, rapidly escalating world temperatures came within a hair’s breadth.  The...

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